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Billet cooling water systems from Ultraspin Technology

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article image Billet cooling water systems from Ultraspin Technology

The Ultraspin billet cooling water systems are ideal to treat oily waste water in the Aluminium billet casting industry.

These billet cooling water systems developed by Ultraspin Technology allow the oily water from the billet casting recirculating cooling water system or the general site wastewater to be treated.

The following are some of the advantages of the Ultraspin billet cooling water systems:

  • They require minimal operator and maintenance staff time as the only moving part of the system is the pump.
  • Because the systems are able to remove emulsified oil, heat exchanges and cooling towers will perform more efficiently and cost less to maintain. Removing this oil means there is less  ‘tramp’ oil in the cooling water system. Clean water means fouling of the cooling towers and related equipment will be greatly reduced. Removing the tramp oil means the frequency of  dumping the contaminated cooling water will be reduced.
  • No chemicals are used.
  • Because of improved separation performance chemicals typically added to mask the effects of poor separation are not required.

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