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Military batteries and battery accessories from Ultralife Batteries

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The HiRate cylindrical batteries from Ultralife Batteries are spiral wound and also offer high capacity with ultra high rates of discharge even in extreme temperatures. The HiRate cylindrical batteries do not have voltage delay at the start-up and are also significantly safer than any comparable high rate system. These batteries are widely used in industrial as well as in military applications. HiRate cylindrical batteries are usually configured in multi-cell packs, allowing for optimum voltages and capacities for specific applications.

The Seawater batteries from Ultralife Batteries offer high energy in all sea conditions and depths. The Seawater batteries can be stored indefinitely in a wide variety of conditions. The Military batteries from Ultralife Batteries provides high rate capability, more power per unit volume, light weight, no voltage delay even after long storage periods, operation in a wide range of temperatures, long storage life and safety. The military batteries from Ultralife Batteries comprises of rechargeable and non-rechargeable military batteries.

The lithium batteries offered by Ultralife Batteries provides support in terms of variety of military applications such as communications, thermal imaging, night vision, surveillance, targeting, chemical detection, search and rescue, undersea mines and for other kinds of equipment. The battery accessories offered by Ultralife Batteries consists of cables and chargers.

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