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Lithium Polymer and Lithium ION batteries from Ultralife Batteries

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Ultralife Batteries  started as a battery company and at present offers products as well as services ranging from portable and standby power solutions up to communication and electronic systems. Ultralife Batteries serves commercial, defence and government customers throughout the globe. Ultralife's family of brands comprise of Ultralife Batteries, Reserve Power Systems, Stationary Power Services, ABLE, McDowell Research and RedBlack Communications.

Ultralife Batteries specializes in developing as well as manufacturing wide range of high-energy non-rechargeable, rechargeable power and charging systems for various applications in defence and commercial markets. Ultralife Batteries offers as rechargeable batteries, non-rechargeable batteries, military batteries, military comm accessories, custom battery solutions, battery accessories and so on. Ultralife Batteries offers two lines of Lithium rechargeable batteries such as Polymer and Lithium ION. The rechargeable batteries do not have any memory effect and are also lighter than the other rechargeable batteries. These rechargeable batteries in addition possess long life.

The Lithium Ion from Ultralife Batteries offers high energy density, high capacity as well as long cycle life in most common lightweight sizes without memory effect. These cells operate over a wide temperature range that are ideal in terms of many portable electronic devices including rugged military equipment.

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