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Ultrahawke updates weighbridge control equipment of City Wide Services

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UltraHawke  has updated the weighbridge control equipment of the dual weighbridges of City Wide Services.

A second boom gate and card reader was installed to control both lanes of the outbound traffic of the Dynon Road weighbridges.

During normal hours, the weighbridges of City Wide Services operate under the control of the weighbridge operators but both weighbridges are then switched over to un-manned weighbridge operation from 12.00 PM until 7.00 AM.

During the time when the weighbridges are un-manned, registered truck drivers are able to log in, record their truck’s weight on the weighbridge, deliver their loads to the nominated areas and log out after weighing their truck over the outbound weighbridge.

This move minimises labour costs for after-hours operation of the weighbridge but still allows the facility to receive night deliveries over the weighbridges which significantly increases operating efficiency.

Each weighbridge is fitted with a Driver Control Station (DCS) that housed a remote display indicator, card reader and internal ticket printer.

Both units are running UltraHawke’s own weighbridge software and the inbound weighbridge was also fitted with a boom gate. Vehicles with stored tare weights can collect a weighbridge ticket from either printer while vehicles required to weigh in and weigh out will receive their weighbridge ticket at the outbound DCS.

A buzzer and light have been installed in both DCS cabinets so that the driver has audible and visual proof that the card has been read correctly. Upon the completion of the inbound weighbridge transaction, the boom gate automatically raises to allow the driver to proceed.

To comply with local trade measurement regulations, positional sensors and zero lights/buttons have been installed on the weighbridges to ensure the trucks are correctly positioned for accurate weighing.

UltraHawke’s DCS and weighbridge software is very user friendly and the truck drivers using the waste transfer facility after-hours quickly became competent in using the equipment.

UltraHawke custom manufactures these Driver Control Stations in its Cambellfield factory (including the software programming) to suit client needs.

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