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Ultrahawke supply Weighbridge Operator Console Designed For Wheelchair Access

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Stonnington City Council recently commissioned Ultrahawke to provide a weighbridge operator console designed for wheelchair access for one of their weighbridges located at a municipal waste station.    

The design of Ultrahawke ’s standard weighbridge operator console was modified for ease of use by a person in a wheelchair in the event that a disabled person is employed as a weighbridge operator.   

The weighbridge is used in an unmanned operation during the early hours of the morning when the municipal waste vehicles arrive to dump residential waste collected. The driver will simply drive onto the weighbridge and present a proximity card to the card reader. 

If the card is registered in the system the boom gate will raise once weight has been captured and the vehicle can enter the site to unload. Vehicle registration details will be stored against the card for immediate recall. No ticket will need to be issued as these are Council vehicles.   

A large scrolling LED remote indicator has been mounted in a position that will enable the drivers to see whether the weighbridge is on “Zero” before they drive onto the weighbridge. If the indicator show a plus or minus weight, the driver will zero the weighbridge by pushing the “Zero Button” which has been installed adjacent to the weighbridge approach.  

Positional Sensors have been installed at both ends of the weighbridge to ensure that the vehicles are correctly positioned. Should the sensor beams be broken it will not be possible to complete a transaction.  

When the weighbridge is manned during normal business hours, the scrolling LED indicator will display transaction details (e.g. Boot Load $10.00), and the customer will be issued with a weighbridge tax invoice. All transactions will be recorded on the PC system supplied and video images will also be captured for cross referencing.      

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