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Ultrahawke Weighbridges relocatable steel deck weighbridges fully Australian Made

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article image Ultrahawke's relocatable steel deck weighbridges can be disassembled and transported without the need for cranes or wide load vehicles

Fully Australian Made using BHP steel, Ultrahawke ’s relocatable steel deck weighbridges are designed to readily accept high vehicle axle loadings that can compromise the structural integrity of lower specification imported steel weighbridges.

Ultrahawke manufactures both steel deck and concrete deck weighbridges to ensure it can offer the ideal weighing solution to suit both the client’s application and budget needs. To cope with the harsh Australian environment, all steelwork in Ultrahawke Weighbridges is fully hot dip galvanised for strong corrosion resistance.

Unlike cheap imported units, Ultrahawke’s relocatable steel deck weighbridges comprise multiple full length steel beams under each deck section to cater for off track loadings. This feature is critically important on an inground install to allow heavy vehicles to transverse the weighbridge deck from any angle without causing extensive damage to the decking checker plate as happens on cheaper weighbridges.

The Ultrahawke heavy duty design is heavily recommended for all steel deck weighbridge applications expecting high traffic numbers of heavily laden vehicles.

The modular design of Ultrahawke’s weighbridges makes them ideal for relocatable use as they can be easily disassembled and transported without the use of large cranes and wide load vehicles. The length of the weighbridge deck can be easily extended at a later time by simply adding other deck sections to achieve the required deck length.

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