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UltraHawke’s Digital Weighbridges Commissioned for Melbourne Water

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UltraHawke Scales and Systems  recently installed four digital weighbridges at the Winneke Water Treatment Plant near Christmas Hills in Victoria for Melbourne Water.  

The weighbridges were installed to weigh the sludge by-product generated during the water treatment process.  

Overhead augers are used to load the trucks parked on the digital weighbridges with sludge until the required net weight of sludge is achieved and recorded.  

The weighbridge weights are cross-checked with allowable truck GVM to ensure the loaded trucks conform to legal weight limits and are not at risk of incurring overloading fines while removing the sludge from the plant.  

Key features of the digital weighbridges: 

  • Fitted with advanced Flintec RC3D digital weighbridge load cells
  • Flintec’s digital weighbridge load cells are based on their trade-approved RC3 analogue load cell but fitted with an integrated microprocessor to complete the transformation into a true digital load cell
  • Flintec’s RC3D digital load cells offer higher internal accuracy and stability than alternate brands of digital load cells that rely heavily on the microprocessor to correct manufacturing inaccuracies to conform to trade requirements   
  • Weighbridges are mounted fully in-ground to maximise height clearances between the weighbridge and the overhead auger system while also allowing easy truck entry to the deck
  • Concrete deck weighbridges were supplied to alleviate potential corrosion of full steel deck weighbridges used in this type of application 

Key benefits of the digital weighbridge load cells: 

  • Faster and more accurate cornering adjustments during installation 
  • System error codes can significantly reduce fault finding times
  • External login access for remote diagnostics of each load cell’s performance  

UltraHawke is a leading Australian weighbridge manufacturer and supplies weighbridges incorporating analogue load cells or fully digital load cell systems.

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