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UltraHawke Scales and Systems unveils weighbridge for car wrecker

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UltraHawke Scales and Systems  has introduced a weighbridge useful for car wrecker which improves costing accuracy by recording all wrecking yard scrap movements over the weighbridge.

The main business of Melbourne based Kilsyth Parts Recovery is to purchase car bodies and sell off as many usable parts as possible with the remaining metal sold to scrap metal merchants.

The 18 metre, fully galvanised weighbridge currently being installed by Ultrahawke Scales and Systems is trade approved and uses quality Flintec stainless steel weighbridge loadcells.

Weighing all product movements over the weighbridge will take all the guess work out of the business by ensuring Kilsyth Parts Recovery is only paying for what actually comes in (over the trade weighbridge) and also that Kilsyth Parts Recovery is being paid the correct value for car bodies going out (over the trade weighbridge) to scrap metal merchants.

UltraHawke Scales and Systems Weighbridge Manager Software records all transactions over the weighbridge, including all details relating to vehicles, customers, products, date and weights which will be stored for easy recall for reporting and invoicing purposes.

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