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Heavy Duty Platform Scales from UltraHawke Scales and Supplies supplied for GB Galvanising

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article image The heavy duty platform scales were supplied to GB Galvanising

Platform scales with a heavy duty design were recently supplied by UltraHawke Scales and Systems to GB Galvanising in Dandenong, VIC.

GB Galvanising approached Ultrahawke 2 years ago for a solution to an ongoing problem they were having with breakdowns of their existing platform scales. Weighing is very important to GB Galvanising as their customers are charged for the weight of galvanising used. This means that each item needs to be weighed before and after galvanising.

Ultrahawke conducted a site visit and identified that the problem was a result of the client’s need to weigh heavy and/or extremely long items using a set of standard platform scales. The rated capacity of the client’s existing platform scales was just able to cope with the heavy loads but the extreme overhang of some the items being weighed caused additional stress on the platform scales.

UltraHawke offered a set of custom engineered heavy duty platform scales that measure 5 metres long and 2.4 metres wide and have a weighing capacity of 12t. These platform scales featured extra heavy duty construction to suit this client’s specific weighing application. Since installing the heavy duty platform scales GB Galvanising have experienced no further weighing problems.

Due to recent business growth, GB Galvanising recently approached UltraHawke to upgrade another set of platform scales being used for weighing smaller and lighter items. They requested this second set of platform scales to be similar in design to their previous purchase as they were very happy with it.

UltraHawke responded with another heavy duty platform scales design measuring 4 metres long by 1.2 metres wide with a weighing capacity of 6 tonne. These platform scales were sent to GB Galvanising to be hot dip galvanised before being fitted with load cells, fully tested and calibrated before delivery.

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