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Eight deck Ultra Hawke weighbridge in WA desert

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Mine Site Constructions in Western Australia has commissioned Ultra Hawke to construct a weighbridge to provide axle group weights and total weights for the Mount Gibson Mining site at Tallering Peak (175km NE of Geralton).

The weighbridge is for weighing road trains hauling iron ore with gross truck weights around 160 tonnes.

The extreme weather conditions at the site combine the heat of the desert with ice of a morning and then flooding of the entire area at other times.

An above ground weighbridge design has been used to allow for less chance of build up of dust und dirt under the weighbridge or damage by water during floods.

Ultrahawke designed a solution which consists of a 53 x 3.5m weighbridge segmented into eight individual decks, providing axle group and total vehicle weights. The weighing operation is PC controlled and the vehicles are identified by vehicle mounted RFID tags.

To cope with the extreme conditions at this site, Ultrahawke selected the high quality Flintec stainless steel loadcells as their preference for this very demanding application. In total, thirty-two loadcells of 30 tonne capacity each were fitted under the eight concrete decks.

Eight Rinstrum R5000 digital weight indicators perform the weighing functions and are connected to a Rinstrum 6700 summing unit for totalising functionality.

The truck drivers can view all weight data which is also displayed on nine Rinstrum D740 Daylight LED Large Digit Remote Displays (one for each deck and one for total weight).

Driver interface is by means of a touch screen located in the weighbridge office and the driver is provided with a weighbridge ticket listing all individual axle weights and the total weight.

All information captured by the system is uploaded to Mount Gibson’s main office via radio modem.

The Tallering Peak Hematite Operation commenced production of high quality lump and fine hematite ores in February 2004 and achieved its target production rate of 3 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) in the first quarter of the 2006 financial year.

Located 175 kilometres east of Geraldton, Tallering Peak is a modern efficient mining operation with a sustainable Life of Mine Plan that should see the mine continue to produce 3 Mtpa each year until 2013.

Ore mined at Tallering Peak is crushed and screened on site before being loaded onto trucks for a 75 kilometre journey to Mullewa, where it is then loaded into ore wagons at a purpose-built rail loading facility and railed directly to the Port of Geraldton.

Ore is stored in a large 160,000 tonne storage shed for loading onto Panamax-sized ore carriers for export to customers in China.

The Company continues to explore in and around Tallering Peak with the intention of finding more ore and extending the LOM at Tallering Peak.

Mount Gibson has expanded the workforce and bought a new fleet of trucks and excavators for Tallering Peak to ensure the mine continues to achieve a sustainable production rate for at least the next 6 years, and probably longer.

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