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Ultrahawke’s Heavy Duty Weighbridge for Victoria Quarry

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Ultra Scales  recently installed a heavy duty Ultrahawke weighbridge at Hanson’s Diggers Rest quarry in Victoria.  

The weighbridge was specially designed to meet trade use certification requirements since the installation was in an area subject to flooding and water/silt run-off.  

Weights & Measures requirements for weighbridge trade approvals specify that weighbridges must have a minimum of 150mm clearance under the weighbridge deck at all times. This requirement is to ensure that the weighing accuracy of the weighbridge isn’t compromised by a build-up of dirt, silt or rubbish under the weighbridge deck.  

Ultrahawke’s weighbridge foundations included 400mm high plinths on which the weighbridge load cells were mounted. This was to overcome potential problems with removing material build-up from under the weighbridge deck at the quarry.  

The weighbridge deck sits 800mm above ground level with greatly increased underdeck clearance to eliminate potential snagging problems.  

Substantial increases to the size of the entry and departure ramps were also made by the civil contractor, Christopher Wren Constructions to minimise strain on trucks accessing and departing the weighbridge.  

The weighbridge measures 28 metres in length and is 3.5 metres wide for easier truck and trailer access.  

Key weighing electronics of the heavy duty weighbridge include: 

  • 8 x Flintec RC3 weighbridge load cells fully manufactured in stainless steel and hermetically sealed with an IP68 rating
  • A&D 4323 digital weight indicator used to generate the weighbridge weight readings

Ultrahawke is a leading Australian manufacturer of weighbridges and heavy duty weighing equipment.

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