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ultraBLAST monitors temperature and pressure of blast holes

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The ultraBLAST from Ultra-Dynamics Pty Ltd is designed to monitor the temperature and pressure of blast holes. ultraBLAST monitors feature two types of sensors for temperature and pressure monitoring during an explosive event.
Explosive performance parameters have traditionally been assessed through the use of velocity of detonation and blast vibration measurements, which provides information about the rate of reaction and consistency of detonation of the explosive.
Additional information related to the energy imported into the rock during an explosive event is provided by near field vibration measurements. Recent developments such as the greater use of low density and low shock explosives and poor blast fume performance have raised the interest in gaining a deeper understanding of other detonation parameters in the field.
Knowing the pressure and temperature of the detonation of a particular product will allow closer calibration of thermodynamic energy prediction models to better understand explosive performance. The information can also be used to refine input to blasting models using more accurate explosive parameters to predict rock fragmentation, vibration and movement.
Key features of ultraBLAST monitors:

  • Two types of sensors: pressure and temperature
  • Provides connection of up to 8 sensors to an interface unit
  • Sensor outputs can also be connected a Microtrap system

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