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Zou-Xian power station uses Ultra-Dynamics’ Ultramax technique of dynamic optimisation

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A recent optimisation project carried out at Zou-Xian power station in the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) has led to an improvement in boiler efficiency, which was achieved within one month of project inception.

The Zou-Xian power station is based in Shandong province in the PRC and comprises eight boilers.

Two of these, a 300 MW and a 600 MW boiler, had operations optimised using Ultramax. Each boiler had 5 pulversing mills feeding pulverised fuel (PF).

The object of the optimisation project included to increase boiler efficiency and hence, reduce greenhouse gas emissions without causing detriment to other important environmental areas and plant availability. These included Loss on Ignition (LOI) and NOx constraints.

The project included the optimisation of O2 bias, 5 mill inputs as well as 18 uncontrolled inputs which were mainly due to varying coal quality purchased from a wide range of sources. There were 9 adjusted inputs including damper adjustments and monitoring 53 outputs.

Significant improvements in boiler efficiency were obtained within the first month of the project with an overall improvement. The project is ongoing with further improvements being realised as more operating data is gathered.

500 MW Utility Boiler #6, Zou-Xian, Shandong, China

  • 5 mills, 18 uncontrolled inputs (varying coal quality), 9 adjustments (O2, dampers), 53 outputs
  • Given safety / reliability considerations, the main performance objective was to maximise efficiency
  • Improvements obtained in the first 600 hours of operations

The speed with which benefits were obtained is further proof of the suitability of the Ultramax technique, which is available from Ultra-Dynamics .

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