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The ultraMOIST™ On-Conveyor Microwave Moisture Monitor provides accurate measurement of moisture in real time compared to time consuming traditional laboratory analysis. 

The moisture content of the material is determined by measuring the transmission of a microwave beam through the process material. This beam is emitted from a transmitter turning into a transmitted microwave signal which is detected by the receiver. The effect on the microwave signal by the material it passes through is recorded and used to determine the moisture content of the subject. 

Proactive Process Control Actions
The availability of moisture information allows proactive process control actions in areas including: 

  • Metallurgical or process accounting
  • Diverting excessively moist material away from vulnerable downstream processes
  • Feedback control to a dryer circuit
  • Feed forward or back control to a dryer circuit
  • Product net weight monitoring for quality control purposes
  • Product moisture or dry mass contract compliance

The microwave transmission technique is one of the most implemented techniques alongside Near Infra Red (NIR) however the microwave technique has significantly fewer limitations. The ultraMOIST™ is unaffected by vertical segregation, position of sample material, colour, ambient lighting and presence of steam compared to the NIR. 

The ultraMOIST™ is useful in determining the moisture content of non-conducting materials including coal, wood flake, bauxite, sugar, bagasse, sand, mineral sands, foods and chemicals.

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