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Ultra-Dynamics introduces on-line Particle Size Analysis

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article image On-line Particle Size Analysis from PF mass flow measurement system

New laser based Particle Size Analysis (PSA) technology has recently been released by Ultra-Dynamics for inclusion with an on-line PF mass flow measurement system.

Sensors are installed directly on PF coal pipes to provide fast and reliable results.

An ultra fast processor counts thousands of particles each second providing an accurate measurement of the grinding process.

On line measurement of both particle size distribution as well as particle velocity distribution is provided with the Ultra-Dynamics PF mass flow measurement system.

The information provides answers in real time to such questions as:

  • How does coal type and roller pressure affect the grind in the mill?
  • Are the classifier and PA settings correct?
  • Does your Mill have the right size distribution, flow distribution and coal velocities?
  • What is the response time of your mill to load changes?

This information is provided on line and can be supplied as a permanent or mobile system.

The following capabilities are available from the Particle Size Analysis with built in PF mass flow measurement system:

  • SCADA functionality
  • Digital as well as analogue I/O
  • Full access via modem/internet/ethernet
  • Large data storage capacity for months of on line data logging
  • Inputs available for external signals (such as mill feeder, roller pressure)
  • Derived data analysis on line (mill dynamics, moisture content of coal)
  • Industrialised laptop as central computer for maximum flexibility
  • Panel IP 65 rate

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