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Moisture monitor and metal detector

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ULTRA-Dynamics , a specialist in process control enhancements and electronic monitoring equipment, will focus at BULKEX on its recently released ultraMOIST on-line microwave moisture monitor and Saflec's Metasearch metal detector.

Microwave transmission is generally accepted as the industry preferred technique for moisture measurement, however, the high cost of the technology has precluded many installations.

According to Ultra-Dynamics, ultraMOIST has been designed as a truly low cost moisture monitor and is finding a ready market in all those industries that have, until now, been unable to justify purchase.

Microwave moisture measurement does not suffer from the drawbacks of other technologies such as material colour, ambient lighting, presence of steam and/or dust, material position and vertical segregation.

The microwave moisture technique has been proven to be suitable for all non-conducting materials, such as sand, aggregates, mineral ores, foodstuffs, fertilisers and wool.

According to Ultra-Dynamics, ultraMOIST is unique in allowing multiple sensor heads to be integrated with a single electronics control cabinet, further reducing the cost.

In applications which require the measurement of materials exhibiting variable mass flow, the system can accept a mass flow input from an existing massflow device such as a beltscale, or can be supplied with an integrated beltscale. In this way the system can output dry and wet tonnes.

Saflec's Metasearch III is a metal detector designed for industrial applications where machinery needs protection from stray pieces of metal, which can cause damage to crushers and saws.

The detector has several innovative features, including a belt splice analyser, auto balance, coast count, fault/ready indicators with interlock and dual voltage -- 220/110V, 50/60Hz. Optional features include a total count and belt splice detector.

The unit is housed in a polycarbonate housing with sealing from dust and moisture to IP65 standards. A single PC board is used for ease of exchange in maintenance situations.

Search coils are of robust construction, unaffected by most environments. Units are designed for continuous operations with reject and marking systems available on request.

BULKEX 2006 Bulk Materials Handling Exhibition will be held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from September 25-27.

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