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Metering screw feeders from Ultra-Dynamics Pty Ltd

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Metering screw feeders available from Ultra-Dynamics Pty Ltd are used to accurately meter powdered, granular or flaky products in a process system.

Ultra-Dynamics offers both volumetric and gravimetric feeders employed generally in industry processes.

Volumetric feeders are designed for the product flow rate to be metered out by volume and set over a given time.

Gravimetric feeders have the product flow rate metered out by weight and controlled using loadcells.

Throughputs are available from 1.75 l/hr up to 13,750 l/hr.

The critical factor in achieving accurate and consistent product bulk density is through proper design and selection of the agitator in the conditioning zone above the screw auger. The agitator de-aerates and conditions the product to a uniform density by breaking any bridges and preventing hold-up in the hopper. This combination with a large selection of screw sizes and types allows a wide cross-section of products to be fed very accurately.

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