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Magnasat magnetic susceptibility meter available from Ultra-Dynamics

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Magnasat magnetic susceptibility meter determines the magnetic susceptibility of materials by measuring the changes that these materials cause to an alternating current magnetic field.

Changes in the magnetic field are caused by a complex mix of eddy currents and the action of magnetic domains.

The magnitude of these changes is dependent on the material's magnetic and electrical properties, sample geometry and quantity of material presented for measurement.

The physical principle on which Magnasat magnetic susceptibility meter is based relies on tried and tested technology.
If a magnet is moved through a coil an electrical current is generated, conversely if an electrical current is passed through a coil a magnetic field is produced. In this way an absolute measurement of magnetic susceptibility is provided.

Applications include:

  • Mining industries, diamonds, iron ore etc
  • Minerals sands
  • Dense media (magnetite, ferro. etc)
  • Jigging plants for metal recovery
  • Geological field mapping
  • Stone, soil and vegitation analysis
  • Archaeological investigations
  • Hydrology and sedimentation
  • Pollution studies
  • Building materials analysis
  • University research

Features and benefits

  • Easy to use, compact PC controlled operation - no need for highly qualified labour
  • Advanced electronics – Good precision of <1 x 10-7 kg/m3
  • Measurement of absolute and quadrature magnetic susceptibility - result reported as m3/kg
  • Multi-frequency capability (10Hz to 100kHz) - allows frequency dependence investigations
  • PC program industry standard SCADA package - easily adapted by user
  • Data stored in Excel compatible format - optimal data usage
  • Big sample size – good sampling representation

System description

Magnasat magnetic susceptibility meteris an easy to use, compact, fully integrated bench top system of rugged design. The sample to be analysed is weighed, placed in a sample container and then inserted into the analysis chamber.

The Magnasat magnetic susceptibility meter operates under computer control and carries out the analysis automatically. Indicator lights confirm the system status.

The results are stored in Excel compatible format, available to be output for display in graphical or tabular configuration remotely. Magnasat magnetic susceptibility meter is usually supplied without a PC and printer as most users already have a preferred PC supplier.

Optional multi-frequency capability

As a magnetic field is applied to an area containing magnetic soil, the magnetisation vector of the material will try to adjust to align itself with the exciting field.

At the instant the magnetic field is applied, there is an immediate change in magnetisation and, possibly, an additional time dependent change in magnetisation. This time dependent phenomenon is referred to as magnetic viscosity or magnetic after-effect. The multi-frequency capability of Magnasat magnetic susceptibility meter can be used to investigate this phenomenon.

Magnasat magnetic susceptibility meter system scope of supply:

  • Standard Magnasat magnetic susceptibility meter system including measurement coil and electronics
  • Mains power lead, IEC power socket to Australian 3 pin plug and power supply
  • 10 sample bottles
  • CD ROM containing Magnasat display software
  • Software license and source code (to allow user modifications)
  • Operation and maintenance manual
  • One calibration standard

Magnasat magnetic susceptibility meter is available from Ultra-Dynamics .

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