MAGNASAT In-Pipe Slurry Analysis from Ultra-Dynamics

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The system has been designed for installation directly in pipes for the measurement of the magnetic properties of process materials. The system has been particularly useful when applied to the measurement of magnetite. Other metalliferrous minerals can also be monitored when using the technology.

In-Pipe Slurry Analysis

  • Direct “in-pipe” installation – Interrogates the entire pipe cross section with encircling coil configuration
  • Easy set and calibration – “Two point” calibration required
  • Linear system response – Stable calibration
  • State of the art electronic design
    • Ultimate precision of <1 x 10-7 m3/kg ultimate precision of <1 x 10-7 m3/kg – absolute value measurement
    • Mass flow compensation capability
    • Inbuilt temperature compensation
    • IP65 enclosures – suitable for field installation


  • Measurement of metal content of ore prior to processing in the iron ore industry
  • Process control purposes such as modulating feed rate to the crushing plant to ensure a consistent feed

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