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Recruitment services for employers and applicants from UltimateSkills Australia

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UltimateSkills Australia  is a specialist of recruitment procedures such as the collection of candidate documentation, dealings with migration agents, visa processing and approval, arrangement of travel plans, POEA approvals, visa stamping, pre-departure seminars and arrivals at destinations with reference to selected candidates. UltimateSkills Australia provides certain procedures for employers such as candidate registrations, documentation of details into the database, employer selection, preliminary interview scheduling, provision of paperwork, video interviews and assessment of priority candidates. 

Shortlisted candidates from UltimateSkills Australia are provided with services such as final interview and skill testing, medical testing, job offer presentations and employment contract assistance. Selected candidates from UltimateSkills Australia provide the company with their final documents and even send copies to migrant agents for visa processing and approval. After visa stamping and pre-departure information is provided, these candidates arrive at their new companies. These processes are followed by UltimateSkills Australia once a candidate determines which position he or she is selected for. This is because each employer and country of deployment varies in its recruitment needs. Thus, the service provided must differ and be tailor-made based on these requirements. UltimateSkills Australia makes sure that the needs of candidates and employers are fulfilled to the highest degree. UltimateSkills Australia also makes the transition to the new job site as hassle-free as possible for new employees.

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