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Ultimate Ceramic Coatings introduces ceramic composites

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Ceramic composites developed by Ultimate Ceramic Coatings provide protection of metals, fibreglass and concrete substrates against corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack.

Ultimate Ceramic Coatings provides quick turnaround, solventless, fast curing, low tech application-roller, brush or modified spray equipment. The ceramic composites are easily installed and repairable for fast return to service. Ceramic composites are reliable with predictable maintenance without unforeseen shutdown of plant or equipment.

Ultimate Ceramic Coatings also provides high return of investment (ROI).

The main features of ceramic composites are extended corrosion, chemical and wear and abrasion resistance. Primer is not required for ceramic composites. Ceramic coated steel will last up to 20 years plus in a salt water environment.

Ultimate Ceramic Coatings provides positive chemical containment (0-98% Sulphuric Acid and 0-50% Caustic in full immersion).

The diamond like properties of ceramic composites gives good resistance against abrasion.

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