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Dispensing liquids valves available

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Dispensing liquids, including adhesives coatings and pastes from bulk containers usually requires the use of a dispensing valve. The liquid supply may come through a pump, pressure reservoir or by gravity and the valve must control the application of the liquid or paste.

There are a range of valves available and it is important to select the right valve for each operation. UV Pacific handles a wide range of valves and can recommend appropriate valves for various applications. These valves are all pneumatically operated for reliability, safety and high-cycle performance.

The DV509 diaphragm valve is a compact unit particularly suitable for precise flow control of low to medium viscosity liquids such as Cyanoacrylates, UV adhesives and volatile substances, where wetted parts need to be separated from the air supply.

The VPD150 is a positive displacement valve for high repeatability of medium to high viscosity fluids. A micrometer stroke-adjustment knob allows fine tuning of the shot size which is not affected by viscosity.

The PDV-1000 is an auger screw valve, which is suited for high viscosity and filled materials. This PDV-1000 requires a servo controller for operation.

Other types offered include pinch tube valves, high pressure valves, needle valves, poppet valves and spray vales.

Factors which determine suitability are viscosity, corrosive or reactive properties, cure conditions, repeatability, accuracy, dispense rates and operating conditions.

UV Pacific can recommend suitable valves for each application.

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