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Liquid polymer feed system

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article image Meets a wide range of polymer feed requirements.

USF Stranco has released the PolyBlend M Series liquid polymer feed system to handle the liquid/solid separation needs for wastewater treatment applications.

The M Series combines USF Stranco's motorised mixing technology with precise controls, a variety of pump offerings, and an easy-to-service system open-frame design.

USF Stranco the adds two unique options: variable speed mixing, and automatic dosage control with constant solution strength, to meet a wide range of polymer feed application requirements.

The M Series is designed to handle new polymer developments, ultra-high molecular weights, different charge densities, and even totally new chemistries.

A constant speed motor is standard on the M Series and optional variable speed drives are available to accommodate application or technology changes.

As polymer needs change and as new polymers are developed, the M Series can be quickly field adapted.

Whether the M Series output is adjusted remotely via 4-20 mA signal, or right at the unit, water flow and polymer feed increase and decrease together, automatically maintaining a constant solution strength.

Primary and secondary dilution water are kept at the same ratio as output is adjusted.

The M Series uses USF Stranco's patented multi-zone mixing. The first zone exposes the polymer to a high energy environment to minimise agglomeration.

Reduced mixing energy in the second zone protects the fragile polymer chains from fracturing making more polymer available for work. The baffling is designed to create a tapered mixing regime.

Six sizes cover output ranges from 0.03 to 750Lpm. Choose between 14 diaphragm, gear or progressive cavity polymer pumps.

The M Series' rugged design has been proven in the harshest environments, while the open frame permits quick and easy maintenance without disassembly.

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