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Waterless urinal systems supplied by URIMAT Australia

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URIMAT Australia  specialises in providing waterless urinal systems. The urinal systems supplied by URIMAT Australia is recognised for their unique technology, design and reliability. URIMAT Australia takes pride in stating that it does not use oil based sealing liquids or ‘bio’ deodorising cubes, which are unreliable and can result in hygiene issues. The use of such systems can also lead to increased problems with blocked pipes due to leaking valves.

Additionally, URIMAT Australia has received Waterwise Marque awards for waterless urinals by the British environment minister, Ian Pearson, at Oxford University. The ingenious siphon technology and innovative bowl design used by URIMAT Australia has helped to offer products in accordance with Australian Standards. The bowl offered by URIMAT Australia manufactured from unbreakable space-age material. The ergonomic patented shape with pore free surface that helps in reducing splashing and eliminate surface deposits.

Shape, material and siphon technology used in various urinal systems is the secret behind URIMAT Australia success. The siphon technology used by URIMAT Australia works with a gravity float and helps in removing odour. URIMAT Australia has more the 10 years experience in the development of waterless urinals that does not compromise on hygiene. These urinal systems are 100 per cent water saving products.

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