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UJL provides porosity gauger, moisture gauger and tester

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UJL  is a provider of various equipment which include porosity gauger, moisture gauger, moisture testers, conductivity measurement equipment, coating colour runnability analysers and so on. UJL provides PERMI on-line porosity analyser which is a new on-line paper quality analyser and monitors grades where porosity is a critical variable.

Permi supplied by UJL provides continuous and immediate feedback on quality and changes of porosity. The measurement time of PERMI is one millisecond (1 ms) with even low porous papers. PERMI can be used in machines which produces the following grades: sack, cigarette, filter, MG-kraft, bank note, photo, SC, LWC base, saturating, tissue, coping and so on.

UJL also provides a range of other moisture meters which can measure moisture in paper, fabric, fiber products and minerals. Some of the models include IRMA-7 model A, IRMA-7 model D, IRMA-7 model DE and so on. The IRMA-7 model A moisture meter supplied by UJL can be used in laboratories, fields and on-line troubleshooting in slow webs. Some of the features IRMA-7 model A include extremely low noise level, superior long-term stability, high-contrast display, large keyboard with big buttons for easy operation with gloves on and so on.

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