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Range of electronic products supplied by UCANC

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UCANC  is an Australian company which was established in the year 1997. UCANC is a supplier of range of electronic products which include Bluetooth virtual lasers, Bluetooth wireless headsets, Bluetooth GPS receivers, door locks with remote, digital TV receivers and so on. The Bluetooth GPS receiver supplied by UCANC is small, powerfull and stylish GPS device. Bluetooth GPS receiver makes use of 12 satellites to show users the shortest way to their destination with 5 meters accuracy.

Bluetooth GPS receivers are made of latest technology where high-rise buildings, tunnels and other obstacles do not disturb its reception quality. GPS system is integrated with 3 LEDs which permanently inform users the status of the Bluetooth connection, the GPS and batteries.

The Bluetooth virtual laser is a virtual keyboard offered by UCANC. Bluetooth virtual laser is an innovative input device for PDA, PC, Laptop and smart mobile phones which can project a full-sized virtual keyboard on to any flat surface for rapid text-entry and navigation and it utilises an efficient method for projecting an optical image of a keyboard.

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