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U-Neek Bending Co offers rolling and fabrication services

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U-Neek Bending Co  has its own rolling shop with a significant capacity. U-Neek Bending Co offers rolling services for pipes up to 300NB and for all types of aluminium sections.

Rolling shop of U-Neek Bending Co is capable of rolling spiral pancake coils, helical coils, surpentine coils, complex ovals and circular shapes.

U-Neek Bending Co also has CNC rolling machines by which complex geometric forms such as parabolas and spiral ellipses can be manufactured. U-Neek Bending Co also forms sections with multiple radii in one piece.

Compound shapes that involve both bending and rolling can also be built-in into a single element to form roll bars, arches, train vestibule sections, window shapes, corner supports for bulk carrier truck, pantographs and others.

U-Neek Bending Co has broad experience in fabrication. Chrome moly steel, mild steel, duplex stainless steels, stainless steels, high alloy steels such as hastalloys and inconels, non ferrous materials such copper, aluminium, brass, cupro nickel, monel and titanium are machined, welded and assembled by U-Neek Bending Co.

In the power generation industry where extreme temperatures and high pressures are faced by components, nothing is more essential and serious than the integrity of a weld. U-Neek Bending Co uses welding technology with processes like short transfer arc (STT) welding and orbital TIG welding.

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