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Helical and tube coils offered by U-Neek Bending Co

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Coils having various segments, metals which are fully hydrostatically tested and fabricated are offered by U-Neek Bending Co . Helical coils are also offered by U-Neek Bending Co and these are available in various segments. These are commonly used for cooling or heating products in vessels and tanks.

Straightforward and economical means of obtaining a heat transfer surface area is provided by tube coils. Tube coils are prepared by undulating lengths of tubing into double helixes or helixes in which the outlet and inlet are situated alongside.

Various formats in which helical coils can be made are closewound or pitched, direction of winding, single start or multi start and coil sets.

Pitched coils from U-Neek Bending Co are wound continuously at centre-to-centre pitch which is larger than the diameter of a pipe or a tube. Three or four supports are usually provided to heavier or larger pitched coils. Closewound coils have a pitch which is equal to the diameter of a pipe or a tube and these are usually welded jointly for firmness.

Though the direction is not generally significant, coils can be wound in any direction. The direction of winding is explained as clockwise when viewed from the top. Majority of the coils are single start but multi start coils are also available.

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