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Power transmission tools from U.M.S Transmissions

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U.M.S Transmissions  is the Australian distributor of Mitsuboshi Belting. Based in Melbourne, U.M.S Transmissions imports products from the pipeline protection and power industries. It also stocks these products in wholesale and then distributes them in and around Australia.

U.M.S Transmissions' specialty products are the Mitsuboshi belts which come in a variety such as flat belts, poly-vee belts and drive design belts. These types can be customized according to the customer's specifications.

Power Transmission products such as sprockets, taper bushes and pulleys are also imported by U.M.S Transmissions These come in a number of sizes and designs.

U.M.S Transmissions is also the importer of chain products from Tsubaki. These include conveyor chain, leaf chain, attachment chain and lambda. These chains are used in bikes, go-karts, machinery, fork lifts etc.

Along with these, U.M.S Transmissions also has an innovative product known as SERVIWRAP. This is an anti-corrosion wrap that can be used for pipelines. SERVIWRAP serves as an outer cover and provides the pipe with extra strength and makes it anti corrosive.

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