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Tytronics introduces new direct spark igniter

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Gas Ignition and re-ignition systems are one of the key areas of Tytronics’ business development. With twenty-five years of engineering proficiency, Tytronics strives to continually develop new products to meet the needs of its global customer base. This involves servicing many of the OEM’s in the market.
New to the Tytronics gas ignition family is the Direct Spark Igniter (DSI) - gas controller. The Direct Spark Igniter has added safety benefits. The flame-sensing feature on the direct spark igniter ensures the gas valve shuts off if a flame is not sensed after a specific period of time. This eliminates any possibility of gas explosions or leaks. The Direct Spark Igniter safely delivers and controls LP and Natural Gas in all types of commercial gas fired appliances.
The Direct Spark Igniter is a universal ignition model easily adaptable and customized to suit various applications such as gas ovens, water heaters, oven grills. Tytronics is in the process of making the direct spark ignitercompatible with its old, but still very popular C664 range of gas controls. The products are obsolete but due to customer demand Tytronics is soon to release the C664 range of gas controllers as the Direct Spark Ignition version.

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