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Bogie assembly and loading machine

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article image Setting up the system is done using a laptop PC.

TYSCI Technologies ’ bogie assembly machine is used in the assembly and testing of railway car bogies and makes extensive use of hydraulics to operate the many actuators and associated functions.

Hydraulics was selected over pneumatics because of its load holding capabilities and positioning accuracy.

The inherent safety features of this machine are very important as operators can be working under suspended loads.

Initially the wheel sets are located using a proportional positioning system employing a digital amplifier, feedback is through a linear potentiometer. By using this type of modern equipment setting up of the system is easily done using a laptop PC.

This system is repeated in the loading area where the bogies have to be accurately positioned over the loading ram. Loading of the bogie to 250kN is done using a proportional relief valve on the hydraulic system.

Load measurement is achieved by measuring the applied load at the point of contact of the four wheels onto the rails.

This is an accurate system, which can measure the load to within 50N it also reports the balance of the load across the wheel set. Reporting is done through the PC, which is connected to the local network.

Other features of the hydraulic system is that the bogie can be raised and hydraulically locked in position allowing the operator to work on the balancing of the bogie spring pack.

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