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Zeus Liquifill tyre sealant for off highway tyres from Tyres4U

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article image Zeus Liquifill tyre sealant for off highway tyres
Tyres4U  presents Zeus Liquifill, a liquid tyre filling formulated to offer excellent sealant protection on almost all off highway tyres.

Totally safe, simple and easy to use, Zeus Liquifill tyre sealant incorporates a micro fibre and rubber sealant suspension material that flat-proofs tyres to prevent punctures or loss of air.

Zeus Liquifill is specifically formulated to eliminate punctures and leaking tyre valves in quad bikes, golf carts and lawn mowers as well as various industrial and agricultural implement tyres, offering tyre dealers and machinery users a safe and simple puncture-resistant sealant solution against the intrusion of sharp and penetrating objects such as broken glass, nails, screws, splinters, thorns and metal objects.

By protecting the tyre, Zeus Liquifill tyre sealant eliminates tyre pressure loss through porous tyre carcasses, leaking valves, slow punctures or complete tyre deflation.

Zeus Liquifill tyre sealant offers several advantages to equipment operators including reduced machine downtime and minimised operating equipment costs. The Liquifill’s chemical formula also protects the tyre’s inner lining against oxidation, thereby extending its life and minimising incidence of tyre failure or air leakages.

Zeus Liquifill tyre sealant is a non-toxic, non-inflammable and environment-friendly formulation, which can also be easily washed off the tyre with water.

Key benefits of Zeus Liquifill tyre sealant:

  • Eliminates blowouts, punctures, flats and inconsistent tyre pressure
  • Completely seals the tyre’s bead area around the wheel rim
  • Safe, simple and easy to use for both tyre dealers and users
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable and environment-friendly
  • Protects the inner lining of the tyre carcass from oxidation
  • Reduces costly operational downtime, tyre repairs or replacements
  • Total sidewall and surface tread protection from punctures
  • Suitable for gardening, industrial and agricultural equipment
  • Tyre sealant application equipment tailored to individual locations
  • Eliminates pressure variations and minimises tyre wear

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