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Continental Launches Premium Pneumatic Industrial Radial Tyre Range

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Solid Plus , one of the fastest growing industrial and forklift tyre service in Australia offers a range of tyres from Continental AG.

Continental AG’s industrial tyre division has launched a new range of pneumatic industrial radial tyre products.

The new ContiRT20 Performance pneumatic industrial radial tyre replaces the IC80 and ConRad HT products made for forklifts, side loaders and other industrial trucks.

Thanks to its high-traction tread pattern, the new tyre can move heavy loads at speeds of up to 50 km/h.

According to the company, the new tyre has managed to achieve up to 30 per cent greater life expectancy than its predecessor and the ContiRT20’s traction characteristics are a clear intention of the tread design.  

All this is coupled together in the new industrial radial tyre to offer long life, strong traction and increased comfort, safety and stability.

Developers and testing engineers report that they took into account the heavy stresses such a product is subjected to in the wood, steel and cement industries, in shipyards and logistics centres or at air and seaports when it came to producing the ContiRT20.  

The new tyres were then devised using design and simulation software on Conti’s banks of at least seven ‘very strong super-computers’.

Key design features:

  • The tread depth was increased to the maximum for the longest service life possible.
  • The tread pattern design featuring wide grooves has been constructed to ‘guarantee reliable traction at all times on both surfaced and unsurfaced grounds’.
  • Rolling resistance was substantially reduced to ensure low energy consumption, apparently without adversely affecting driving comfort.
  • The tyre is also designed to deliver more even wear without compromising on stationary stability or protection against stone trapping.
  • The new tread compound is said to give higher wear and damage resistance resulting in 20 per cent longer tyre life.

The launch of the new Conti RT20 follows the earlier launch of the ContiRV20 just over a year ago. This tyre is also capable of speeds of up to 31mph on certain vehicles.

The tread compound and design of the ContiRV20 also minimises rolling resistance by up to 30 per cent when tested against a comparable crossply tyre.

Lower rolling resistance means lower energy consumption, so users save on fuel costs with every mile driven and additionally reduce CO2 emissions.

The tyre offers full grip on all surfaces in airport environments.

The ContiRV20 is also compatible with the Continental Tubeless Sealing Ring, which prevents sudden air loss in the event of a puncture in addition to offering simplified and quicker mounting.

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