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Fire suppression system for light vehicles available from Tyco Services Fire & Safety

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Wormald announced the availability of the Wormald light vehicle system (WLVS), a foam suppression system for preventing and suppressing fires in the engines of light vehicles. Available from Tyco Services Fire and Safety , the WLVS is actually an adaptation of Wormald's fire suppression system that is used extensively in turbo charged four wheel drive vehicles in the Western Australian mining market.

According to Steve Oxley, Wormald's vehicle systems manager, the new WLVS was initially developed to meet the needs of paper products manufacturer Kimberley Clark's Linde forklifts.

"Because Kimberley Clark's forklifts operate in a paper environment, they are susceptible to fires. Paper dust can build up in the forklift's radiator, which then clogs up and in turn can overheat the engine and start a fire," Oxley explains.

"Our heavy vehicle fire suppression system is too big to fit a forklift as it's principally designed for earth moving trucks, bulldozers and excavators. So we took the 4x4 light vehicle system and modified it to suit a forklift."

In particular, Kimberley Clark required an electrically operated fire suppression system with an engine shutdown override. As in the case of its competitors' products, Wormald's four wheel drive system was mechanically actuated.

"If a fire breaks out from a fuel leak, the forklift driver activates the system electrically by pressing a switch. Once activated, the fire suppression system shuts the vehicle down and discharges a foam solution for approximately 40 seconds.

“The solution is made up of 94% water and 6% AFFF concentrate and the system delivers four litres per minute per nozzle," Oxley says.

Other differentiating features of the WLVS include visual and audible low pressure alarms. It can also be mechanically activated from outside the vehicle if required and is capable of having an automatic detection system integrated into it.

Nor is the WLVS restricted to forklifts. Oxley believes Wormald can fit it to any smaller vehicles, or machinery that requires a fire suppression system.

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