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Tyco Environmental Systems provides water flow measurement instruments

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Tyco Environmental Systems  is a supplier of wide range of water flow measurement instruments which include water analysers, water flow meters, level measurement instruments, water quality sensors and so on. Under water flow meters, Tyco Environmental Systems provides Emflux 1300 Flowmeter Transmitter, Emflux 2020 Electromagnetic Flow Detector, Emflux 2060 Electromagnetic Flow Detector and many more.

The Emflux 1300 Flowmeter Transmitter supplied by Tyco Environmental Systems is a solar powered battery-backed transmitter which can be used with flow detectors to provide display and output of flow measurement. Emflux 1300 Flowmeter Transmitter is designed to meet the requirements of remote and non-powered site applications.

Electromagnetic flowmeters can be used for accurate flow measurement of any conductive fluid and can be ideally suited for applications such as irrigation, mining, remote water supplies and discharge monitoring, water bore flow monitoring and environmental flow measurements.

Under water quality sensors, Tyco Environmental Systems provides multi parameter sensors, single parameter sensors and pressure/level sensors. Some of the multi parameter sensors provided by Tyco Environmental Systems include CTD350 Analytical Conductivity, CTDP300/CTDP 1200 Analytical Conductivity and so on. The CTD350 Analytical Conductivity multi parameter sensors are integrated with on-board microprocessor, rugged ceramic pressure transducer, software calibration and so on.

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