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Range of software and equipment supplied by Tyco Environmental Systems

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Tyco Environmental Systems  provides an extensive range of cleaning systems components and software and some of the solutions include GOCO software, Baghouse Evaluation System (BES), nozzles, cartridge cleaning cones, seal cups, bulkhead connectors and so on. GOCO software provided by Tyco Environmental Systems is a cleaning systems modelling software which allows customers engineers to quickly configure and optimise all significant reverse pulse jet cleaning system parameters. GOCO software takes the guesswork out of filter cleaning system configuration and can be suitable for all fabric filter bags, pleated and cartridge filters.

Tyco Environmental Systems provides a range of aluminium diecast bulkhead connectors which are designed to ease the installation of cleaning systems onto dust collectors. Bulkhead connector components eliminate the requirement for welding and allow easy removal of cleaning systems and blowtubes for maintenance purposes.

Tyco Environmental Systems also provides diaphragm valves in a range of configurations which can suit a variety of reverse pulse filter designs. Diaphragm valves supplied by Tyco Environmental Systems precisely control airflow through the filters and helps in optimal cleaning. Some of the diaphragm valves include 3 series Pulse Jet valves, T series Pulse Jet valves, DD series Pulse Jet valves and so on.

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