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Gas and particulate monitoring systems offered by Tyco Environmental Systems

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Tyco Environmental Systems  offers various gas and particulate monitoring systems which include continuous emission monitoring systems, process monitoring, process control, data acquisition and controller and so on. Under continuous emission monitoring systems, Tyco Environmental Systems provides two products namely UltraCEM and Custom CEMS. The UltraCEM system provided by Tyco Environmental Systems is a five (5) channel Field Mount Continuous Emissions Monitoring System which is based on proven extractive monitoring technology and is coupled with state of the art measurement detectors. UltraCEM utilises a semiconductor industry standard PC-104 electronics platform for maximum measurement, communications and processing capabilities.

Tyco Environmental Systems also provides a range of continuous particulate emission monitors which include EPM7, EPM6, EPM5 and BBD5 Broken Bag Detector. The EMP7 is a simple self contained 2-wire, particulate monitor with 4-20mA output and is designed to feed PLC, display device such as AUD1. EMP7 continuously monitors particulate flow, primarily emissions from process plants and also indicates condition and efficiency of cleaning system.

EMP7 provided by Tyco Environmental Systems detects all particles regardless of composition, very sensitive due to ISE technology monitoring and can tolerate extremely high leakage of signal due to insulator bridging.

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