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Thermorad 700 Series NBCCS fluoroelastomers from Tyco Electronics

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Thermorad 700 Series NBCCS fluoroelastomers, from Tyco Electronics , is a new material that is resistant to nuclear, chemical, and biological (NBC) threats.

The Thermorad 700 Series NBCCS fluoroelastomers is suited for cable jackets and wire insulation in applications requiring NBC contamination survivability (NBCCS).

Thermorad-jacketed cables using this system are ideal for military ground vehicle applications, communication equipment and any other equipment that may be at risk of exposure while in theatre.

The Thermorad 700 Series NBCCS fluoroelastomers are also well suited for use in NBC decontamination stations. The new jacket material is compatible with Tyco Electronics Raychem NBC heat-shrinkable tubing, molded parts and other components.

The Thermorad 700 Series NBCCS fluoroelastomers are available in three grades to meet various temperature requirements:

  • Thermorad 770: -55C to 125°C
  • Thermorad 780: -55C to 175°C
  • Thermorad 790: -65C to 200°C

Thermorad materials have been thoroughly tested for NBCCS including live agent tests with HD, VX and TGD for interior and exterior exposure; testing to Army TOP 8-2-510 for NBCCS including decontamination according to Super Tropical Bleach (STB) and Decontamination Standard #2 (DS2); and testing to SC-X15111 and SC-X15112 fluid resistance requirements for commonly used military vehicle fluids.

Tyco Electronics will be offering Thermorad 700 Series jackets as an option in its custom multi-core cabling products.

NBCCS components provide the critical capability of a system and its crew to withstand a NBC-contaminated environment and relevant decontamination without losing the ability to accomplish the assigned mission.

A NBC contamination-survivable system is hardened against NBC contaminants and decontaminants, can be decontaminated and compatible with individual protective equipment.

Specific criteria is expressed in terms of decontaminability, hardness, and compatibility to ensure that systems developed to perform mission-essential functions can be used by personnel wearing protective clothing and equipment to survive the effect of contamination by chemical and biological agents, radioactive contaminants and neutron induced gamma activity and decontamination processes.

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