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article image Suitable for use in high volume wireless receivers and transmitters.

M/A-COM, a division of Tyco Electronics , has extended its RFID series with surface mount, I-Q modulators/de-modulators designed for RFID, handset and base station applications. The compact and functional MA4IQP900L-1291T and MA4IQP900H-1291T HMICTM IQ modulator/de-modulators use low and high barrier silicon schottky diodes, complementing the current MA4IQP900M-1291T medium barrier silicon device.

These new IQ devices also cover the same operating frequency range of 850MHz to 960MHz in a compact 6mm square MLP surface mount package. For RFID applications, the low barrier MA4IQP900L-1291T replaces a discrete balun, quadrature and schottky diodes with a single, monolithic device. This reduces board space and assembly costs and improves parametric repeatability. The device operates with a low LO drive level of +10 dBm and has a high input IP3 of 29 dBm.

The MA4IQP900L-1291T and MA4IQP900H-1291T are both well suited for GSM and CDMA handset and base station applications where LO drive levels (ranging from +10 dBm for the low barrier device to +18 dBm for the high barrier device) are required. Both are 50W compatible and do not require additional impedance matching.

These devices provide excellent linearity with higher input IP3 values (> +26 dBm). The modulator function features 3rd harmonic and 5th harmonic suppression of 45 dBc and 89 dBc for the low barrier and 60 dBc and 99 dBc for the high barrier devices respectively, which reduces the need for additional circuit filtering.

The de-modulators feature an amplitude imbalance of 0.2 dB and phase imbalance of 3.0°. These IQ Devices are suitable for use in higher volume wireless receivers and transmitters where compact area and excellent parametric repeatability are required.

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