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Altera MT-PBX tubing from Tyco Electronics

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Altera MT-PBX tubing has been added to the Altera line of heat-shrink tubing speeds.

Altera MT-PBX tubing, available from Tyco Electronics, simplifies installation by eliminating the requirement of expensive processing aids such as an overtube or fusion sleeve.

The new Altera MT-PBX tubing uses a single-wall construction of polyether block amide copolymer (PEBA) to achieve shrink ratios of either 2:1 or 4:1, with custom ratios available.

Using PEBA materials that meet U.S. Pharmacopeia Class VI standards, the Altera MT-PBX tubing withstands repeated steriliation by autoclave, gamma radiation, ethylene oxide, steam and dry heat.

Applications include strain relief, mechanical protection, insulation and colour coding. The Altera MT-PBX medical tubing is available in application-specific formulations and an array of colours.

Shore D durometer hardnesses range from 25D to 72D to allow use where either rigid or flexible tubing is required. Full recovery occurs at 190°C, with the time depending on the Shore D value.

Options include an interior adhesive layer and radiopaque fillers.

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