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Pump specialist, All Pumps Sales & Service has made available for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) the Tuthill L&C range of internal gear pumps that facilitate lubrication and circulation.

The L&C series pumps are precisely machined and assembled with only two moving parts, so the pumps achieve and retain their reliability over a wider range of viscosities than alternative pump designs.

Employing an internal gear pumping principle, the pumping action is based on a rotor, idler gear and a cover cast with a crescent-shaped partition.

The design allows the pump to handle a wide range of viscosities, while sustaining a constant flow, regardless of pressure. The non-pulsating flow also runs substantially quieter than several other pump designs. Internal gear pumps suffer minimal to moderate wear.

As the pump starts, the teeth come out of a mesh, therefore increasing the volume. This creates a partial vacuum, drawing the liquid into the pump through the suction port.

The liquid fills the spaces between the idler and rotor teeth, and is carried past the crescent partition through the pressure of the side pump.

When the teeth mesh on the pressure side, the liquid is forced from the spaces and out through the discharge port.

A unique reversing feature allows positive reversing action without the use of valves. Port positions remained constant, regardless of the direction of shaft rotation. This makes it ideal for use in power transmission applications where the drive shaft direction changes, but the direction of flow must remain constant.

The L Series comprises LE pumps and cartridge pumps. LE pumps have an internal gear pump design, compact and flexible drive options, the reversing feature, flow rates to three cubic metres per hour, pressure to 34.5 Bar, are supplied standard with single mechanical seal, and are of cast iron construction.

L Series cartridge pumps also have an internal cartridge pump design, and are of compact design, which mounts directly to OEM equipment. There are multiple porting and driving options, flow rates to 1.4 cubic metres per hour, pressures to 10.3 Bar, and are also of cast iron construction.

C Series pumps are available in standard or stripped versions. Standard format C Series pumps have an internal gear pump design, flexible mounting, ceiling and driving options, the Tuthill reversing feature and flow rates to 19 cubic metres per hour and pressures to 20.7 Bar. They are supplied standard with O-ring case seals and are of cast iron construction.

Tuthill C Series stripped pumps have an internal gear pump design, partial pump assemblies built directly into OEM equipment, the Tuthill reversing feature, flow rates to 19 cubic metres per hour and pressures to 10.3 Bar.

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