Tuthill Australia

Manufacturer of Pneumatic Blowers & Vacuum Pumps.
Fully engineered systems. Including Gas applications.
Complete range of Blowers & Vacuum Pumps. Standard and Custom Packages.
Acoustic Enclosures, ISO 9000 Quality assured.
Contact Tuthill Australia for Bare Shaft units and complete systems.


Supplier news
20/11/06 - Pump specialist, All Pumps Sales & Service has made available for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) the Tuthill L&C range of internal gear pumps that facilitate lubrication and circulation.
Supplier news
05/11/02 - THE Safeplast air coupling, manufactured from impact resistant Delrin, allows disconnection at zero air pressure to prevent hose whip. It has an easy single action push to connect and a two-stage disconnection that safely exhausts the downstream pre

Contact Tuthill Australia

Tuthill Australia (Head office) Update these details
17-21 Milton Park
128 Canterbury Road
VIC 3137
Tel: 03 9839 7800
Fax: 03 9720 6880

Tuthill Australia Brands

Continental Multistage Gromelle - Tuthill Coupling Group Hansen Kinney Vacuum Kowel Dry Screw M-D Pneumatics National Superior

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