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Turck introduce IMS interface modules for analogue signal conversion

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Turck  have introduced a new IMS interface module, which provides a cost-effective solution for analogue signal conversion.

The IMS interface module, measuring 6.2mm wide, can convert current and voltage signals from a wide range of applications, with an analogue signal transmitter that achieves 0.1% of the full scale.

The IMS interface modules are also available specifically for transferring temperature signals from thermocouple, RTD and other devices using Pt-100 technology, achieving 0.3% of the full scale and available with 2, 3 or 4 wire connections.

This simple conversion to current signals makes the IMS interface module an inexpensive addition to new or retrofit applications, allowing users to employ standard current analogue cards rather than thermocouple or RTD cards.

The IMS interface modules are simple to configure using a laterally mounted DIP switch.

Along with signal conversion, the IMS interface module conditions and isolates signals from external sources, making it a particularly effective solution for wastewater and other industries where electrical noise is commonplace.

The IMS interface module provides complete galvanic isolation and up to 2.5kV for the input, output and power supply, and it offers signal conditioning that acts as a dead-zero to live-zero signal. One- and two-channel modules without signal conditioning are also available.

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