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New interface safety monitors from Turck Australia

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Turck Australia has announced the availability of the new AS-Interface (AS-i) safety monitors manufactured by Bihl + Wiedemann. The new AS-Interface (AS-i) safety monitors are required for controlling power availability for machine safety (emergency stop) systems using AS-i Safety at Work.

The new AS-Interface (AS-i) safety monitors include a graphical user interface for commissioning and field diagnosis of the safety system, as well as the capability to link multiple safety at work circuits together, allowing larger and more complex safety systems to be handled via AS-i.

The new AS-Interface (AS-i) safety monitor’s configuration is stored on a removable memory card, making it much easier to transfer the configuration to a new unit.

The new AS-Interface (AS-i) safety monitors are available as stand-alone units for use with standard AS-i masters and gateways or as a package with an integrated PROFIBUS-DP gateway. The stand-alone safety monitors can be used as AS-i 2.0, 2.1 and 3.0 slaves, making them accessible to the full range of available AS-i masters.

Turck Australia is the supplier of Bihl + Wiedemann AS-i products in North America.

Turck Australia's extensive line of products includes advanced sensors, measurement, instrumentation, connectivity, interface and networks for factory and process automation markets that meet clients' application demands.

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