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New Turck white paper on pressure and why it matters in process environments

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German automation company Turck has released a white paper on pressure, Defining Pressure: What Is Pressure and Why is it So Critical to Process?

Generally, it’s understood as something creating urgency, something that is cumulative. In physics, it’s simply represented as p = F/A, or the normal force over an area.

The paper, available on Turck’s website and at http://www.askturck.com/, will teach the reader, if they didn’t already know, what pressure is and why it matters in a process environment, or, as Turck puts it, is “a key component to keeping a system functional”.

Pressure, simply the amount of force applied to an area, is unique in that isn’t subject to a direction. Though it doesn’t go up, down, or in any other direction, it is influenced by the force acting on an area in a perpendicular motion.

As it’s key to keeping your system functional, pressure it’s important to your work environment and elsewhere. The paper gives the example of a tank supplying a city with water.

“[If] the tank represents a water tower that stores a city’s supply of water and the level of water inside the tower drops below a certain point, the city could be without a water supply,” goes the example.

“Although pressure is not limited to a specific media, location or application, it is a constant occurrence that can be measured and processed accordingly. This information is not only critical for maintaining a process, but also to ensure the longevity of a system.”

The paper can be found here:

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