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Security services and security systems from Turbo Security

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Turbo Security  is a division of Dretvich Technologies and offers security products. Turbo Security specialises in design, construction, procurement, installation and maintenance services. The services from Turbo Security are provided to domestic, commercial, industrial projects.

The services provided by Turbo Security include security system and management, communications and facility cabling, data cabling and computer, design and construction services, home automation services. Turbo Security offers various products which are used for various applications. The products from Turbo Security are supplied by Australian Security Wholesalers. The wholesalers used by Turbo Security include KOBI, DSC, MCM, NESS, Bosch, Security Merchants and DAS (direct alarm supplies).

Other services offered include intercom systems, maintenance programs, CCTV distribution systems, equipment installation, home entertainment wiring and power protection, access control for residential and commercial sectors. The alarm and access control systems used by Turbo Security include Tecom, DSC, NX 4,8,16, Concept, Paradox and Icon and so on. The CCTV products such as camera, wiring and DVR’s products used by Turbo Security are from Sony, COMPAQ, Belden, Panasonic, BenQ and Sharp.

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