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Fully automatic circular sawing machine available from Tube Solutions

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The TubeMartTM CH-90 fully automatic circular sawing machine is ideally suited to smaller production runs due to its simple, flexible and ergonomic design. The horizontal vice enables clamping of round, square and rectangular sections, with the option of shell jaws for thin-walled tubes.

Roller feed system and vice:

The roller feed system transports the tubes with high speed to the material length stop. The machine is supplied with the facility to program a deceleration point so that the tube is under control as it makes the length stop, guaranteeing accurate and consistent cut lengths.

Unique bundle loader:

The bundle loader automatically separates the material and preloads the magazine for all tubes and symmetrical sections.

Operator friendly control panel:

The CH-90 features text control panel is ergonomically positioned at eye level on a movable pendant. The display includes items such as saw blade speed, parts counter, electronic blade protection, adjustable machine parameters, blade life counter and error memory. All functions are easy accessible.

Centralised hand wheel:

Quick adjustment of tube diameters on the bundle loader.

Machine frame and cutting head:

The heavy duty helical geared cutting head is mounted on a rigid machine frame. Both the cutting head and vice are easily accessible for replacing the saw blade.

Length stops and discharge system:

The length stop is mounted on a precision rail to provide stability and accuracy. Each stop offers a graduated scale and 0.1mm fine adjustment. The unique tilting table discharge system automatically separates the trim cut and scrap end from the cut component, as well as offering the choice of three discharge positions, either to the front, to the back or to the bottom – (for short lengths only).

More information on the product is available from Tube Solutions.

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