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AddisonMckee launches CNC shell-rolling machine

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Tube manipulation technology specialists, AddisonMckee, has launched shell-rolling machine for forming the round and oval shapes that make up the outer bodies of catalytic converters and mufflers.

AddisonMckee has been introducing a range of high performance solutions for use in the manufacture of catalytic converters and mufflers.

Used to feed pre-cut flat sheets through a configuration of four position-controlled programmable rollers, AddisonMckee’s ShellRoller machine can form the outer shell of a muffler or catalytic converter in virtually any round, oval or asymmetrical configuration and is suitable for use with carbon steel, stainless steel and titanium.

Each forming work-cell consists of a feed system that loads the sheets using a vacuum pick-up to lift the sheets from an incoming stack and load them into the roller section of the machine for forming. The load station incorporates fanning magnet technology to separate all incoming sheets in order to prevent feeding multiple sheets into the machine rollers.

Precision rollers:

In the forming section of the machine, four precision rollers work together to form the various cross sections as required. The top and bottom rollers are used to pinch the incoming sheet and feed it backwards and forwards as dictated by the program to create the shell shape required. These two rollers are driven by electric servo gear motors and are electronically synchronized to reduce the risk of slippage during forming.

Required part shape:

The front and rear rollers then act in conjunction with the feed rollers to create the required part shape. These rollers are positioned using electro-mechanical linear actuators (as opposed to the hydraulic rollers often used on competitor models) for precise motion and clean, quiet operation. The control system controls the position of these front and rear rollers in relation to the feed position of the sheet to generate the required bend radius in the sheet throughout the operation to ensure the correct finished shell shape.

Maximum flexibility:

Designed for maximum manufacturing flexibility, the standard system is capable of forming shells ranging in length from 75mm up to 350mm. Cross sections of up to 180mm are possible, in either round or as the major axis of an oval section. The minimum radius available is ~65mm although this is somewhat dependent upon the material being formed. Machines with larger or smaller capacities are available in order to create shells of significantly larger lengths or cross sections to meet customer requirements.

Complete range of solutions:

With the ShellRoller machine now in place alongside our complete range of muffler and catalytic converter manufacturing solutions, AddisonMckee are now able to demonstrate that AddisonMckee’s renowned technology and quality is not exclusively reserved for those with tube bending and end forming requirements.

More information on the product is available from Tube solution .

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