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Tsubaki launches new telescopic covers for giant milling machines
15.08.2014 - Gantry milling machines from WaldrichSiegen Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH are known all over the world for their large sizes and high precision.
QME 2014 Preview: Mining chains and clutches
17.06.2014 - Tsubaki will be showcasing its range of mining chains, sprockets, cam clutches, and cable carrier systems.
U-top modular conveyer system available from Tsubaki
19.02.2007 - Tsubaki Yamakyu u-top system is a versatile 3 dimensional modular conveyor system with the ability to handle light weight products in a variety of different industries. This new and innovative system is the result of the Tsubaki Yamakyu engineering e
Tsubaki Yamakyu releases chain of plastic products
03.11.2006 - Tsubaki Yamakyu for the past 80 plus years has been at the forefront of development of plastic chain. With a focus on the design, manufacturing and application of thermoplastic chains, modular belting and 3D conveyor systems, Tsubaki Yamakyu have est
Tsubaki Australia develops RS-G7 roller chain
31.10.2006 - Tsubaki Australia, part of the Global Tsubakimoto group has developed the next generation in roller chain. Drawing on close to a century of manufacturing experience and industry first advancements in chain design, Tsubaki’s RS-G7 roller chain i
Innovation in motion: British Standard Conveyor Chain
28.06.2006 - TSUBAKI Australia is a leader in power transmission products and is part of the world's largest chain manufacturing company, Tsubakimoto Chain Co. They are expanding their product range locally to include British Standard Conveyor Chain.
British Standard Conveyor Chain
22.05.2006 - TSUBAKI Australia is the world's largest chain manufacturing company. They are expanding their product range locally to include British Standard Conveyor Chain. The range will cover both the solid pin and hollow pin versions.
Chain and power transmission equipment
20.04.2006 - TSUBAKI has a long tradition of quality. The Tsubaki name has become a world renowned mark of assurance in the chain and power transmission equipment industry. With this experience and these foundations in place, Tsubaki is fully prepared to confiden
RF bearing roller conveyor chain
18.04.2006 - POWER savings and cost-effectiveness were at the forefront of Tsubaki’s development process when they built the revolutionary Tsubaki Bearing Roller Conveyor Chain. Incorporating precisely machined cylindrical roller bearings inside the roller, the d
Cam clutches
18.04.2006 - TSUBAKI’S BS Series Cam Clutches are reliable and tough. The product’s precision formed cams have a unique design contour that prevents "roller over", which assures superior durability against heavy shock load in back stopping.
RF metric conveyor chain
18.04.2006 - TSUBAKI’S RF Conveyor Chain is a standard conveyor chain. Available in thousands of combinations of steel materials and specifications, each pitch of Tsubaki RF Conveyor Chain has uniform quality. The company guarantees outstanding performance.
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