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U-top modular conveyer system available from Tsubaki

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Tsubaki Yamakyu u-top system is a versatile 3 dimensional modular conveyor system with the ability to handle light weight products in a variety of different industries. This new and innovative system is the result of the Tsubaki Yamakyu engineering expertise and more than 75 years of experience in the pursuit of new manufacturing technologies.

The modular u-top system is maintenance friendly, sanitary, safe, quick and easy to construct saving on space and power consumption.

Sanitation is a major consideration in the modern food processing environment as well as many other industries. The Tsubaki Yamakyu u-top system is constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel and UHMW PE components to enable full wash down. The unique design of the rails allows free draining of the wash down liquids.

The benefits of the u-top system are obvious with a variety of patents on the unique design features incorporated within its construction.

U-top system benefits:

  • Sanitary and washable corrosion resistant stainless steel construction
  • Effective in both wet and dry applications
  • Modular construction that is versatile for every layout requirement
  • Simple and easy assembly
  • Lightweight, rigid and sturdy structure ensures smooth product handling
  • The design of the 3 dimensional running chains prevents product tipping
  • Space saving layout
  • Energy saving through low power consumption

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